ROTW: Psycho Weazel - boysdontcry

DJ & production duo Psycho Weazel have been impressing us more and more with their music in recent years, releasing EPs on Iptamenos Discos and Mouton Noir Records, and collaborating with artists such as Local Suicide and Curses. Their latest offering, ‘boysdontcry’, finds the pair put the foot firmly to the floor as they drop their debut artist album on igroovemusic. The record brings 12 tracks in total, and features contributions from Nerlov, Bolides, and CRIMER. Amongst the

ROTW: Psycho Weazel - boysdontcry

tracklist you’ll find a generous spread of different sounds and genres, with house, electronic, breakbeat, and a little synth pop included. Things seem familiar throughout and while each track brings something slightly unique, they’re all connected by an underlying sound that is inherently Psycho Weazel.

Where to start:
bateau abstrait: Softened vocals and filtered melodies
boysdontcry: Polished breaks and a big low end bassline
encore: Punchy kick drums and harmonising synth stabs

Previous from Psycho Weazel:
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Psycho Weazel – boysdontcry LP is out now on igroovemusic.