ROTW: Recondite - Taum

The first time I heard Recondite’s Levo my interest was instantly peaked, and upon digging deeper into his catalogue, it was pretty evident that it was only a matter of time before the German producer would become a standout figure for European club music. Fast forward half a decade or so, and he’s since seen tens of millions of plays on his productions, and released on an incredibly vast list of top labels, including Afterlife Records, Hotflush Recordings, Watergate Records, and

ROTW: Recondite - Taum

Ghostly International, and has also launched a label of his own in Plangent Records. Returning to Plangent this month, the Berlin-based artist drops his seventh career studio album, an extremely rare accomplishment in the world of electronic club music, and one which sets him apart from your everyday music producer, regardless of genre. Across the 11 tracks included on the record, Recondite covers techno, electronica, hiphop, and minimal. All of which are wrapped up in his usual style of tightened up drum hits, silky smooth filter work, and well measured resonance that takes things right to edge of comfort. The entire project was produced throughout the pandemic, and according to Recondite it channels his broad range of emotions that came and went during the past two years. From the creative blocks brought on by lockdown, to the glimmers of hope in between, it’s an album of highs and lows that is deeply expressive and personal, while also delivering highly on the technical end.

Where to start:
Naif: Downtempo hiphop meets aggressive synth resonance
Elation: Heavy drums and chilling melodic pad sounds
Qualm: Softened ambience built from plucky synths and filtered pads

Previous from Recondite:
Iffy LP (2014, Innervisions)
On Acid LP (2012, Absurd Recordings)

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Recondite – Taum is out now on Plangent Records.