ROTW: Reset Robot - Spiral Of Silence

Since starting his We Are The Brave label back in 2016, Alan Fitzpatrick has already released music from Skream, CamelPhat and Sasha, and this month saw the label pass a massive milestone, the release of their first ever artist album. Responsible for the feat, Portsmouth based Dave Robertson who will be known to most by now as Reset Robot. His 13-track Spiral Of Silence LP is a techno-leaning record that throws out hints of breakbeat, progressive, rave and almost everything in between. In

ROTW: Reset Robot - Spiral Of Silence

places, it pushes supersaws and modulated reese basslines, a long way from the standard techno format. and the production value and sound design are both incredibly strong, tracks like Orly and Denial use vocal samples, broken rhythms and harmonies to lift the mood, while others like Kooshe and Power Off are straight up club focused techno anthems. Another thing that makes the project impressive is the lack of features, not many techno artists could deliver a 13-long tracklist completely unassisted, nevermind one that has us craving more.

Where to start:
‘Orly’ – Break-heavy opener with pitched vocals and a reese bass
‘Denial’ – Percussion focused and a ton of plucky synth chords
‘Meadow’ – Roughed up techno anthem with dubby stabs

Previous from Reset Robot:
Let Your Soul Outside LP (2014, Truesoul)
End Of Time EP (2019, Hotflush)

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Reset Robot – Spiral Of Silence LP is out now on We Are The Brave.