ROTW: Rival Consoles - Persona

Ryan Lee West follows IO, Kid Velo and Howl with his fourth studio album under the Rival Consoles moniker. Titled Persona, the 12-tracked long player offers something quite special from the Leicester native. Fans of West will be happy to hear more of the melody-driven sound he has become known for, infusing drum hits of all styles including beautiful percussion that skips through each mix without taking too much attention away from the euphony of the accompanying sounds. And while each

ROTW: Rival Consoles - Persona

track on the album is birthed from similar sources, Rival Consoles approach to song writing and arrangement leaves you always wanting more, never once having the feeling that things are going full circle. Persona, which is out now on Erased Tapes Records, a label that has released every Rival Consoles record to date, is without doubt a strong case for the potential of electronic music and British artists in particular.

Where to start:
‘Memory Arc’ – A genius display of sound design and melody writing
‘Sun’s Abandon’ – Some of the best drum work on the album comes to life here
‘Fragment’ – Resonance, delay and harmony combine to hold you in concentration

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Rival Consoles – Persona LP is out now on Erased Tapes Records.