ROTW: Robag Wruhme - Venq Tolep

Germany’s Gabor Schablitzki has become a resourceful provider under the Robag Wruhme project. His emotional, electronic vibrations continually lead us gazing toward the sky and whether it’s a club peppered low end or a thought-provoking arrangement, his work is often met with delight. This month saw him return to DJ Koze and Marcus Fink’s Berlin-based Pampa Records for his first album on the label since 2011’s Thora Vukk. 11 tracks long, the records finishes just below the

ROTW: Robag Wruhme - Venq Tolep

40-minute mark and features work from Oxia, Lysann Zander, Sidsel Endresen and Bugge Wesseltoft. Driven by softened piano’s and filled with gravelly percussion, like a love letter that portrays a message of love, but also reveals a small amount of saddening truth. The melancholic side of the chords and harmonies are what really ties this one off with a seamless pattern that appears on almost every track. The last track, Ende #2 takes it’s title from Ende, the last track on Thora Vukk and features a number of different artists and collaborators signing off for Wruhme.

Where to start:
‘Venq Tolep’ – Cold, dusty percussive hits sit amongst softened piano keys
‘Nata Alma’ – Slurred vocals meet strong transients and dreamy harmonies
‘Ak-Do 5’ – Melancholic sound design takes hold of glitchy rhythms

Previous from Robag Wruhme:
Thora Vukk LP (2011, Pampa Records)
Wuzzelbud FF LP (2018, HART & TIEF)

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Robag Wruhme’s Venq Tolep LP is out now on Pampa Records.