ROTW: Rodriguez Jr. - Feathers & Bones

French-born producer Rodriguez Jr. has resurfaced with his latest album, ‘Feathers & Bones’, a captivating exploration of deep house, progressive, melodic house, and breakbeat, which arrives via his own, newly launched, imprint of the same name. Known for his past releases on record labels such as Mobilee Records, Stil Vor Talent, and Dirtybird, the now Miami-based artist has been making waves ever since he first burst onto the club music circuit almost two decades ago. The album

ROTW: Rodriguez Jr. - Feathers & Bones

consists of 10 well-produced tracks which total for a runtime of around 44 minutes. Showcasing his versatility as a producer, Rodriguez Jr. collaborates with a range of talented artists, including Liset Alea, RJLA, Stereo MC’s, and Giorgia Angiuli. Liset Alea’s superb vocals grace two tracks, adding a unique layer of depth to the album’s sound. The rest of the soundscape is equally eclectic as it is impressive, with vibrant filtered basslines and crisp percussive rhythms setting the foundation for a line up of harmonising vocal melodies and carefully-balanced synth sounds. We’re also treated to hints of acid, breakbeat, and garage at times too. Speaking on the project, Rodriguez Jr. added: “Now more than ever, I feel the urgency to explore different formats and genres. Twenty-five years of experience in music production and thousands of shows for diverse audiences all over the world has taught me that the unpredictable is often at the core of every achievement, especially today when dance music has become so formatted. The album is a pivot towards a new chapter of my life and carries the personal alchemy that I seek in my live shows; oscillating between dreamy melodies, ethereal textures, and kinetic beats,”

Where to start:
Tuning The Moon: Solid progressive sound featuring Giorgia Angiuli
Visions: Beautiful vocal work meets powerful filtered basslines
Turn The Light On: Gritty breaks layered with hypnotic vocal samples

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Rodriguez Jr. – Feathers & Bones LP is out now on Feathers & Bones.