ROTW: Roisin Murphy - Hit Parade

Irish-born singer, songwriter Roisin Murphy returns for one of her most impressive studio albums to date, ‘Hit Parade’. The record was produced in full by German artist DJ Koze, with the pair communicating between Murphy’s London home and Koze’s Hamburg-based studio. It begins as a hybrid sound of pop and electronica, with plenty of big melodies and carefully measured vocals on display, though the latter half of the 13-long tracklist takes things to a much more club-focused space. Tracks like

ROTW: Roisin Murphy - Hit Parade

‘Free Will’, ‘You Knew’, and ‘Can’t Replicate’ offer everything from house, disco, and techno in places, while other inclusions push a more hiphop-leaning or experimental pop sound. Two of the 13 tracks are interludes, and with 11 full productions it’s quite a surprise to have every track bring real substance, there doesn’t seem to be any filler outside of the two previously mentioned, something that’s becoming increasingly rare in todays playlist driven streaming market. For those among us that do favour the physical, some editions of the record will include a bonus disc containing a live performance of the record at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Where to start:
You Knew: Softened techno sound with punchy drums and filtered synth work
Can’t Replicate: Chunky club drums paired up with harmonising melodies
Free Will: Energising house sound brings synth bass and tribal percussion

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Roisin Murphy – Hit Parade is out now on Ninja Tune.