ROTW: Ross From Friends - Family Portrait

Felix Clary Weatherall, known to most as Ross From Friends, has used nostalgia inducing aesthetics and intelligent sampling, combined with a huge YouTube audience to break the mold on how an artist should find his way within the overcrowded space of emerging artists. Most notably with his tune ‘Talk To Me You’ll Understand’ which is currently sitting on 4M views. Now the London based producer steps things up once again, this time via his debut long player on non other than Flying Lotus’

ROTW: Ross From Friends - Family Portrait

Ninja Tune-affialated Brainfeeder imprint. Titled Family Portrait, the album is 12 tracks of all original work. The dusty nature of lofi house shines through on this one, as well as a ton of synth focused sounds, rich percussion, distorted vocals and warming synth pads. Family Portrait backs Felix’ claim as the king of lofi, while also showing how wide his creative wings can span. The album will also see him deliver a run of shows, including performances at Berlin’s Berghain, Barcelona’s Razzmatazz, Ireland’s Button Factory and Amsterdam’s Melkweg.

Where to start:
‘The Knife’ – Romantic, synth driven electronica
‘Family Portrait’ – Glitchy percussion and roaring sound design
‘The Beginning’ – Dreamy pads meet uplifting pluck melodies

Previous from Ross From Friends:
Aphelion EP (2018, Brainfeeder)
The Outsiders (2017, Magicwire)

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Ross From Friends – Family Portrait LP is out now on Brainfeeder.