ROTW: Shed - The 030-Files

Born in Frankfurt but based in Berlin since the early 2000s, German techno artist Shed has not only become known for his frequent visits to Berghain or his many aliases and pseudonyms, but also for his cutting edge club tracks that have come on imprints like Monkeytown and Ostgut Ton. Over the years he’s developed into one of techno’s most esteemed figures, so when he decides to release new music, people tend to pay attention. The latest record to come from Shed’s studio arrives in the form of

ROTW: Shed - The 030-Files

‘The 030-Files’, his newest album. An 8-track double sided 12” which boasts a melting pot of industrial techno, metallic breakbeats, and filtered synth sounds. As a whole it doesn’t do anything spectacularly unique, but what it does do, it does well. Shed’s ability to craft powerful, energetic club tracks from just a few sounds is a skill that few producers manage to hone, and one that’s seen him stay relevant for more than 20 years.

Where to start:
Cut: Big drum hits and noise-soaked synth notes
Yser: Churning percussive sounds and a massive bassline
Shir44: Deep soundscape of hammering kicks and rhythmic sample chops

Previous from Shed:
The Final Experiment LP (2017, Monkeytown Records)
Shedding The Past LP (2008, Ostgut Ton)

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Shed – The 030-Files LP is out now on The Final Experiment.