ROTW: Stephan Bodzin - Boavista

Stephan Bodzin has developed a production style which has become instantly recognisable as his own. With tracks like Singularity, Strand, and Wir having been streamed millions of times over on both Spotify and YouTube, the German’s flagship sound of well refined synth resonance and emotive bassline harmonies has made him a fan favourite within the melodic house and techno genre. Now Bodzin follows up on previous long players “Liebe Ist…” and “Powers Of Ten” to drop a brand new,

ROTW: Stephan Bodzin - Boavista

17-track studio album which brings plenty more of that signature sound to his fans. Titled “Boavista”, the project arrives on Bodzin’s own Herzblut imprint, which despite being somewhat dormant since 2016, has seen previous outings from the likes of Rob Hes, Nicolas Masseyeff, and Dominik Eulberg. Alongside Stephan himself, Luna Semara is also credited on two different tracks in “Breathe” and “Nothing Like You”, where she contributes in the form of some great topline vocals. – Semara is also amongst the names to release on Herzblut in the past. The rest of the album is a pretty consistent walk through the studio talents of the German producer, with different tracks touching melodic house, progressive trance, techno, and at times something more ambient. It sticks to what he does well, there’s no gimmicks or flashy features, no overly ambitious experimentation, just the good old sound of Stephan Bodzin that we’ve all come to love.

Where to start:
Astronautin: Big bursts of melody and deep, energetic basslines
Nothing Like You: Brilliant filter work surrounded by emotive vocal hooks
Theory of Everything: Head-filling soundscape of whispering fx and intriguing chords

Previous from Stephan Bodzin:
Powers Of Ten LP (2015, Herzblut Recordings)
Liebe Ist LP (2007, Herzblut Recordings)

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Stephan Bodzin – Boavista LP is out now on Herzblut Recordings.