ROTW: Terr - Consciousness As A State Of Matter

Talented Brazilian artist Terr, who’s currently based in Berlin, presents her debut solo album ‘Consciousness As A State Of Matter’, it arrives via Erol Alkan’s esteemed label, Phantasy Sound, an imprint which Terr has already released on quite a bit in the past. Known as being co-owner of the Clash Lion label, and for her previous work on record labels such as Hotflush Recordings, Permanent Vacation, and Turbo Recordings, the album showcases Terr’s sonic maturity and technical

ROTW: Terr - Consciousness As A State Of Matter

evolution as an artist through an 11-track journey, which spans a total of 54 minutes. Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Giorgio Moroder, Wendy Carlos, and Phil Oakley, ‘Consciousness As A State Of Matter’ effortlessly blends elements of electro, disco, synthwave, and acid, into a cohesive sonic experience that has a welcoming summer vibe to it. One of the album’s standout features is the vocal work, which weaves its way through the tracks, adding an ethereal and emotive layer to the music. Overall the record solidifies Terr’s position as a reliable source for high quality club music, as she not only pays homage to the influences that have shaped her sound but also carves out a distinct musical identity of her own. Her fusion of different electronic sub-genres, coupled with her intricate rhythms and production techniques, make this record a must-listen feature on the 2023 album calendar.

Where to start:
Only For Tonight: Punchy electro anthem with playful vocals
Energy Sync: Filtered synth melodies and dreamy vocal work
Wings Of Time: Big tech drums meet acid baselines and filtered stabs

Previous from Terr:
Bring The Future EP (2022, Clash Lion)
Misantropicalia (2021, Kitsune Musique)

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Terr – Consciousness As A State Of Matter LP is out now on Phantasy Sound.