ROTW: The Blaze - Jungle

Electronic duo The Blaze have become one of the biggest names in dance music over the past half decade, thanks to the success of tracks like ‘TERRITORY’ and ‘SHE’. Alongside being musicians, the pair are also film directors and have created some of the best music videos we’ve seen to further the creative limits of their work. This month saw the French cousins deliver their second career studio album, ‘JUNGLE’. The record packs ten tracks in total and covers everything from hazy indie pop

ROTW: The Blaze - Jungle

to synth-driven festival anthems. It comes on the same label which was responsible for their inaugural record, Animal63. Past releases on the imprint have also seen names like Jacques Greene, Call Super, Hot Chip, Daniel Avery, and Ricardo Villalobos contribute. The Blaze’s ability to create an enveloping soundscape that really comes at you from all sides is impressive. There’s little more than the bare essentials on most tracks, yet it sounds huge and is extremely dynamic. This one will work in any environment you put it in front of, though will surely do wonders come the summer festival season.

Where to start:
DREAMER: Visceral synth work met with a chilling top line
HAZE: Chunky low end notes sit beneath uplifting vocals
BLOOM: Punchy drums, dreamy vocals, and huge melodies

Previous from The Blaze:
DANCEHALL LP (2018, Animal 63)
TERRITORY EP (2017, Animal 63)

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The Blaze – Jungle LP is out now on Animal 63.