ROTW: The Chemical Brothers - No Geography

A strong aroma of both experience and maturity aerates from Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons’ ninth studio album as The Chemical Brothers. The Manchester-based Grammy winners deliver a ten-track record that holds up well against their six previous UK number ones. Consolidating engaging percussive sounds, energetic basslines and dynamic drum work with first-rate chords and melodic goodness, the guys top things off with a nostalgic glaze that brings out the rough edges of their style,

ROTW: The Chemical Brothers - No Geography

a perfect balance between the authenticity of the 90’s and the technically superior sound of the modern day. No Geography isn’t just another line on The Chemical Brothers discography, but a permanent bearing that they can still hold their own, 24 years after the release of their debut album.

Where to start:
‘Eve Of Destruction’ – A quirky intro leads you to a nostalgic synth anthem
‘No Geography’ – Giant chords and stadium-filling drum work
‘Got To Keep On’ – Catchy rhythms dance around the exciting topline and superb guitars

Previous from The Chemical Brothers:
Born In The Echoes LP (2015, Virgin EMI)
Further LP (2010, Virgin)

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The Chemical Brothers’ No Geography LP is out now on Virgin EMI.