ROTW: Theo Parrish - Wuddaji

For more than two decades, Washington-born talent Theo Parrish has been an essential piece of America’s contribution to dance music, and while releasing the majority of his music via his own Sound Signature imprint, where Omar S and Alton Miller have also made appearances, he has released with Peacefrog Records and Submerge Recordings too. Returning to the label this month, Parrish released his fifth studio album with the imprint, and his seventh overall. The 8-track record is a

ROTW: Theo Parrish - Wuddaji

resounding example of his connection to originality and how much he ignores trends in the music sphere, it’s an album you can clearly tell he wanted to make for himself and not one that aims to generate big profits. This Is For You is the only track on the album to feature vocals, a brilliant top line from Maurissa Rose, while the others rely more on playful drum programming and organic sound design, the arrangements on most of the tracks are also non-intrusive and develop naturally, which is especially impressive considering three of the tracks come in at 10 minutes plus.

Where to start:
This Is For You – Sublime synth chords and rich vocal harmonies
All Your Boys Are Biters – Over 7 minutes of drum machine goodness
Wuddaji – An eclectic melting pot of jazzy rhythms and broken melodies

Previous from Theo Parrish:
Parallel Dimensions LP (2000, Sound Signature)
American Intelligence LP (2014, Sound Signature)

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Theo Parrish – Wuddaji LP is out now on Sound Signature.