ROTW: Third Son - 20 Days

London-based producer and live artist Third Son has already made a lasting impression on the electronic music landscape, by releasing his own productions on the likes of Dusky’s 17 Steps and Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Jnr, and with his very own Polymath label, where works have come from Darlyn Vlys, Clarian and Risa Taniguchi among others. Last month the British artist made a splash once more, this time for the release of his debut long player, 20 Days. The records title

ROTW: Third Son - 20 Days

comes from the fact that the programming, recording, production and finishing touches all came across a period of less than 20 days. For the majority of artists, simply producing a high quality single or EP in just a few weeks might prove challenging, though Third Son has managed to bang out 11 tracks, and that’s only the ones that made the cut. Sonically it’s a melting pot of electronically-driven styles, with drumless melodic ambience to rigid, snappy electro and everything in-between. When discussing the project, Third Son mentioned “I’m so pleased with how this turned out. It could have very easily gone the other way considering the time constraint, but I think that adds to the honesty of the record. This feels like the kind of music I’ve wanted to put out for years”.

Where to start:
‘Surge’ – Electro-tinged house stomper
‘Mindcloud’ – Modulated synth work and demonic vocal chants
‘Lifewindow’ – Video game OST-esque soundscape

Previous from Third Son:
Avril EP (2019, 17 Steps)
Voices EP (2018, Polymath)

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Third Son – 20 Days LP is out now on Polymath.