ROTW: Tommy Four Seven - Veer

Returning to his own 47 imprint, a label that has delivered tunes from the likes of Headless Horseman, Shlømo, Cosmin TRG and Ancient Methods in the past, British techno artist Tommy Four Seven has just put out his brand new Veer LP. Following on from the Berlin-based DJ’s debut long player, Primate, which came via Chris Liebing’s CLR back in 2011, Veer gathers ten highly muscular and sonically potent bangers. The all-original record relies heavily on dark, industrial textures and focused energies that come

ROTW: Tommy Four Seven - Veer

at you red in the face and ready to swing for the fences. Tracks like 2084 and Protocol 9 provide ample club fuel in the way of hammering drum work, while inclusions Dead Ocean and Aphelion paint a more intensity-building soundtrack-esque picture.

Where to start:
‘2084’ – Hammering drums and daunting synth energy
‘X Threat’ – Broken beats, screeching resonance and aggressive undertones
‘Colony’ – A fast tempo bubbler that goes through anything in its path

Previous from Tommy Four Seven:
Primate LP (2011, CLR)
47013 EP (2017, 47)

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Tommy Four Seven’s Veer LP is out now on his 47 imprint.