ROTW: Wilkinson - Cognition

British D&B producer Wilkinson has achieved more success in his genre than almost anyone, and alongside names like Netsky and Sub Focus, he has elevated the genre to a place where it’s now commonplace to find drum & bass on the UK top 40. This month the London-based artist released his third solo album, and his fourth overall, Cognition. The project hits the spot from the second you hit play, and Wilkinson doesn’t take his foot off the gas, even for a second. It includes an overly generous

ROTW: Wilkinson - Cognition

amount of features, with a vocal from Becky Hill, who had previously collaborated with him on ‘Afterglow’ (which currently sits just shy of 120,000,000 plays on Spotify alone). Other features include work from names like Jem Cooke, Issey Cross, Amber Van Day, and iiola – among others. The majority of the album is made up of airy breakbeats, softened keys, and heavily filtered bass pads, though there are a few unique inclusions that raise a brow in the most positive way possible. A remix of Solardo and Eli Brown’s XTC original is present, as well as a bass rework of Childish Gambino’s Redbone, both of which we didn’t know we needed in our lives until now. Overall it sticks to the typical format that most UK D&B albums follow, though with the unique additions mentioned above, and Wilkinson’s incredible production quality, it might be the best long player to drop in the genre over the past two or three years.

Where to start:
Here For You: Emotive liquid D&B gem with vocals from Becky Hill
If You Want It: A bass rendition of Childish Gambino’s infamous Redbone original
Release Valve: Heavy set UK rave track with massive super saw synth stabs

Previous from Wilkinson:
Portals LP (2020, EMI)
Lazers Not Included LP (2014, RAM Records / Virgin EMI)

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Wilkinson – Cognition LP is out now on Sleepless Music.