Interview: Sebb Junior

French DJ and producer Sebb Junior has released tracks original music on house labels like Flashmob and Nervous, and now ventures onto Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse imprint for ‘Cause You Love Me’ on their latest VA sampler MMXIX.

We spoke to the La Vie D’Artiste Music boss about his inclusion on the album, what other labels he might be making an appearance with in the future, what upcoming tour dates have him most excited and his favourite track of 2019 so far.

You’ll soon be releasing ‘Cause You Love Me’ on Madhouse’s forthcoming VA sampler, talk us through the inspiration behind this one?

I made this one before last summer. Sometimes, in my creative process, I always use the same formula, which is something I try to avoid in order to be able to offer something new and different with each track. At this time I was really into filtered French house, using funk samples and time stretching them in Ableton Live.

I wanted to change my vibe and workflow, so I decided to go back to the basics, and turned on my good old MPC to start a new track using some old drumkits and samples I had into the machine. I wanted this one to sound kind of ‘90s jazzy old school deep raw house’ (if that make sense) and came out with the main groove of ‘Cause You Love Me’ in a couple of hours. Then I went back to Ableton to add some vocals samples (I love to add vocals to my track, it always brings them to life magically) and make the final arrangements.

Have you managed to listen back to the entire release? What’s your thoughts on the other tracks?

Yes of course, I love the entire release, pure Madhouse vibes without doubt, each artist offering a personal and different vibe, while complimenting each other to build a very solid project. Our boy Tom did a great A&R job on this one! I’m very happy and proud to bring my humble contribution to this great record.

Other labels in your catalogue include Nervous, Blockhead and Flashmob, what do you look for in a label when scouting for a release?

Usually I work on my projects to get them released on my own label, and most of the time, some other labels get in touch with me requesting demos or remixes. If the vision of these labels is coherent, I mean, if the labels release quality house music with consistency, if I feel the authenticity behind each project, if the team is nice and the deal is fair, I’ll jump onboard with pleasure.

And you head up your own imprint – La Vie D’Artiste Music – Can you tell us what might be coming on there?

I launched the label mainly for my own music and from time to time to release some close friends, so I don’t really release music very regularly. The next project is a digital three track EP from myself, which I still have to finish, and hopefully I’ll be able to get it released in December. Also working on a new vinyl EP, but it’s too early stage to give more info.

How about your own music elsewhere, what labels can we expect to see you on?

I’m just starting to work on my third album, in collaboration with Papa Records and we’ll try to get it ready before summer 2020. Until then I’ll have tons of releases and remixes on Let There Be House, Simma Black, Deepalma, and of course my beloved La Vie D’Artiste Music.

You come from France but now live in Spain, was the move a career focused one?

No, nothing to do with music, I just found love in Spain and left everything to live there with the perfect woman.

And what’s your favourite country to play in?

I love the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam of course. I don’t smoke but I have so much fun each time I play there!

Do you have any upcoming tour dates that have you particularly excited?

At the end of the month I’m going to South Africa for a couple of gigs. It will be my first time in Africa and I literally can’t wait!

Thanks a lot for taking some time to chat to us, before we go, what’s your favourite track of 2019 so far?

Thanks a million for the interview. It’s hard to reply, there’s so much great music out lately! If I had to choose just one track, I would say the collab between my friends of Random Soul and Kings Of Tomorrow, the track is called ‘Reach’ – what a great tune, definitely a future classic!

MMXIX Various Artists Sampler is out November 8th on Madhouse.