Interview: Shermanology

Sibling house duo Shermanology have made quite the impact through releases on labels such as Hot Creations, Rawthentic, Superfett Records, and Sola.

With one sibling taking the responsibility of top line duties, and the other handling production, there is no need for the pair to rely on any external influence when it comes to creating infectious, upbeat house music. Meaning they can make the exact style they want to.

The most recent sound to come from their studio finds them make their debut on Lee Foss’ Repopulate Mars with their Calle EP. We caught up with them to chat about the new tracks, what’s to come in the near future, how they find working as siblings, and more.

Hi guys, we hope you’re doing well right now, tell us what you have been up to recently?

We have been working on a lot of new music lately. Andy is a bit of a workaholic, so making music never stops!

You recently dropped your 3-track “Calle” EP on Repopulate Mars, what is the inspiration and message behind this one?

We wanted to show a more musical side with this EP. I think that sunshine & rain is a sound we didn’t do before. This is actually what we wanna do with every EP. We want to keep reinventing ourselves, so we can keep it fresh for the fans but also to make sure that we never ever go on autopilot. Making music is all about having fun. Because people will hear your vibe back in the music.

In the past we have seen you release on Hot Creations, Superfett Records, Sola, and Rawthentic, which other labels might we see added to the list in the coming months?

We are working with a few labels that we think are gonna be added to the list this year, like Edible from Eats Everything. We are also working on stuff for Cuttin’ Headz!

And is there a label you would love to release on but just haven’t had the chance yet?

I think Desolat is definitely on the bucket list.

You’re brother and sister, which is quite rare in house music, how do you manage ideas and studio sessions as siblings?

This is all we know. We were working together even before we started Shermanology. Usually Dorothy will write and record her vocals at her house and Andy makes the music at his house. Sometimes Andy sends an instrumental over for me to write to and sometimes he receives the vocal and than makes the music for it. We don’t come together often to make music. We live about an hour away from eachother.

And what is the funniest thing you know about each other?

Andy finds his own jokes really funny, which makes him crack up and that makes it even funnier. He is such a clown sometimes Dorothy can’t hide her emotions. She does not have a poker face. Sometimes Andy tries to be politically correct and Dorothy’s face tells you what is really going on. It is so funny to see that.

Often when more than one sibling follows a career in music, it comes from their parents also being musicians, is this true in your case?

Absolutely! Our dad is a singer. Our uncles are singers. We grew up watching them. Basically we are doing what they did!

And how do your parents feel about you following a creative path, in comparison to a more traditional career choice?

Our parents are proud of us because we do what we love. They stand behind us 100%! Our dad joins us at gigs sometimes. And he is singing on our newest EP! “Let’s talk about“ are his vocals. So yeah, they love it!

Shermanology’s Calle EP is out now on Repopulate Mars.