Simian Mobile Disco cancel US tour dates following Jas Shade illness

UK electronic duo Simian Mobile Disco have put a temporary hold on their US tour dates following Jas Shaw’s diagnosis with AL amyloidosis.

The illness reportedly stems from complications between proteins and the bodies tissue, and they said their dates would be “put on hold for at least a few months.”

In a recent Facebook post the band wrote: “He is receiving treatment but unfortunately this means he is not able to tour, and we have reluctantly decided that SMD’s live performances will have to be put on hold for at least a few months. We are hopeful that following treatment, he will be able to return to a full work schedule but we’re currently not in a position to confirm when this will be.”

Simian Mobile Disco’s April 4 show at the Barbican is still set to go ahead, with all profits from the performance going to the UCL Amyloidosis research fund’s Just Giving campaign.