Someone has recorded Solomun's entire GTA Afterhours set

Grand Theft Auto is definitely one of the most infamous video game series of all time, with the most recent edition, GTA V, selling around 90 million copies across PS4, Xbox One and PC. For anyone who isn’t aware, the game also has it’s own online counterpart, GTA Online, which recently got an ‘Afterhours’ update that added The Black Madonna, Solomun, Dixon and Tale Of Us to the game.

The add-on gives the player the option to run their own nightclub, with the formerly mentioned DJs residents of said club, and someone has recorded Solomun’s entire one and a half hour set and uploaded it to YouTube.

The tracklist includes tunes from Denis Horvat, Floorplan, Matthew Dear, Alex Metric, Truncate and Todd Terje, while the video end of things features a full CDJ setup, dance floor, mixing animations and Solomun-specific hand gestures.