Thabo Getsome joins Cacao with 'The Flute'

Thabo Getsome has been impressing a lot of people with music on DFTD, Lapsus, Suara and others thus far, and now the Berlin based producer will join the Cacao imprint with ‘The Flute’.

The EP comes in at four tracks, split between two originals and two remixes, The Flute and You Aint! make up Thabo’s titles, while Jesse Bru and Intr0beatz put in the remix work.

Sonically it’s a wide moving deep and tech house record with big basslines and crisp percussion, primed and ready for summertime, this one has all the traits to soundtrack a sun-drenched festival stage.

Thabo Getsome’s The Flute EP is out May 18 on Cacao. Public streams are not yet available but you can listen to ‘Juicy’ below.