The value of a music publisher

In these challenging times for the music industry as a whole, identifying alternative revenue streams for labels, artists and producers grounded during the pandemic has become of critical importance. Music publishing is one of them.

Arguably the most important income for artists, music publishing is about the original composition of the tracks, not the recordings. A copyright is created as soon as a track is produced and money can be made from the minute it’s available online or from the first time it is dropped in a set.

Publishing royalties are generated every time a producer’s original music is streamed, downloaded, used online, broadcast on TV or radio and played live. A music publisher will help artists access any of the publishing income streams mentioned above and importantly, a music publisher should help maximise the value of their artists’ copyrights.

Inflyte partners independent music publisher Sentric Electronic offer a fast and streamlined route for unpublished artists to tap into income streams utilising their leading online publishing service.

Sentric enables artists to claim revenue globally, quickly and easily, via an online platform, all while keeping control of their copyrights under a flexible 28-day deal. The artist-friendly rates mean there are no up-front signup costs and only a 20% commission.

The simple online interface makes the publishing process as seamless as possible for clients allowing producers to register tracks in a few clicks.

Along with cutting-edge administration artists also benefit from a highly successful sync department; and a creative team focused on inventive, individual career development.

Their current roster includes the likes of Mark Knight, ARTBAT, DJ Boring and La Fleur and they have landed successful sync placements for artists with industry-leading brands, including Mercedes Benz, Adidas, Sky Sports, Microsoft and BBC.

For more information, or to join Sentric Electronic, head over to their website now.