Third Son talks growing up around music and releasing on Sodai Records

British DJ and producer Joseph Price has been etching his mark in house music for some time under his Third Son guise. Releasing with labels like Upon.You and Last Night On Earth, as well as heading up his own Polymath imprint.

Now bringing his sound to Gardens Of God’s Sodai Records, the UK talent serves three progressive and melodically driven house cuts. We caught up with him for a chat to find out about the release among other things.

Third Son! How are things? Enjoying 2018 so far?

Hey! I am, It’s been a really exciting year so far in terms of music.

Your dad was really involved with music when you were growing up, how big of an influence do you think he played on you becoming a DJ?

Becoming a DJ, unsure. For following a musical path, pretty much everything. There’s something to be said for growing up around music. Those formative years when your brain is at it’s most spongy, it shapes you.

Can you describe some early memories of him sharing music with you? What kind of records did he first expose you to?

Well he’s a classical guy. So, then if there was any modern music in the house we’re talking Stravinsky and Bartok.

You just dropped your three track Syncope EP on Sodai Records, tell us about the tracks?

This was an interesting one. Gardens of God asked if I had any music that could work for Sodai, I didn’t at the time so made something specific for the label. I’ve never made anything in that way before and it flowed nicely.

It’s out digitally and also on vinyl, how important do you find vinyl releases in todays music scene?

Digital is convenient of course, but it also makes music more disposable. Having your music pressed to a tangible thing you can hold in your hand adds a lot of perceived value to the music. It sounds superficial but it’s true.

What kind of techniques are you using in the studio, do you do any live jamming or is it all in the box?

I like working in and out of the box. I guess 50/50. I’ll jam a lot of the time until an idea is worth developing. I’ll then record it into Ableton and make an arrangement as quickly as possible. From there I strip the fat and refine it down until I can say to myself, “yes this is a good piece of music”.

Other labels you’ve released with include Last Night On Earth, Chapter 24 and Upon.You, is there a label you have your eye on for a future EP?

I’m always looking for something new and interesting.

And you run an imprint of your own, Polymath, with past releases coming from Darlyn Vlys and Finnebassen, what plans do you have for the label for the near future?

I’ll be working more closely with a few select artists and developing their sound on the label. I’ll also continue with the themed VA releases.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to yourself five years ago?

Don’t worry about what others are doing. Strap blinders to the side of your eyes and just work.

Buy ‘Third Son – Syncope’ on Sodai Records here.