Interview: Tutti

Responsible for bringing some of the worlds biggest DJs to his hometown of Lyon via his XLR Events, French DJ, producer and promoter Tutti is on the leading edge of his cities techno scene.

His most recent outing as a producer found him appear with Matt Sassari’s Panterre Musique, adding to his back catalogue which already includes Natura Viva, Smiley Fingers and Frequenza Records.

We spoke to the Frenchman about the Panterre release, his work with XLR, his new Abstraal project and what’s to come from Tutti in 2019. Find the full interview below.

Hey Tutti, how are things with you at the moment?

Hey, things are cool actually! I think that right now the results of my effort and work are paying off. Lots of music & gigs are coming!

Productions, remixes and collaborations are doing well on my personal project, Tutti. And on the other hand, we have just launched our side project Abstraal, where we have a lot of positive feedback on our music.

All that is very motivating but there is still some way to go to our objectives.

You’re about to drop an EP with Matt Sassari’s Panterre Musique, talk us through the production?

That EP is very cool because I worked with two amazing french techno producers for remixes. The boss himself and The Reactivitz. Those two guys are great producers, their tracks are often on the top of the charts and I hope we do the same with my EP.

I produced the original, one year ago. Firstly the name was Tutti ft Sue Ellen – JR, You Make Me Sick because I used a sample from the TV Show, Dallas. I sampled the voice of Sue Ellen speaking to JR!

It’s funny because I was playing a gig when Stephen, the label manager sent me a mail that they would like to sign it. We had a premiere on Soundspace for Matt Sassari’s remix and another premiere for The Reactiviz’s remix on 8day.

And what is coming up for Tutti, anything special on your release calendar?

Sure, after You Make Me Sick I have two other EPs planned. One collab EP with Nihil Young, the boss of Frequenza Records. Very melodic and progressive. That EP will be out on a sublabel of Eleactic Records in few weeks.

I have another EP titled Omerta planned for the French label Carton-Pâte Records. Including 3 tracks and a remix from Christopher Kah, a very good French producer, played by Laurent Garnier & more. I’m very excited about it especially because the label is ran by my friend Mael. Good man, serious but a little stingy haha.

You’re also part of the team at XLR Events, who have brought names like Patrick Topping, Alan Fitzpatrick and Dale Howard for parties, what’s in store for the future?

Yesss, I’m co-owner & art director at XLR Events. We have been a promoter in Lyon for the past 6 years. The project started with a group of friends from the faculty of pharmacy in Lyon. We are all passionate about electronic music. Now I’m a pharmacist, DJ, producer, promoter, it’s not common but very cool!

We work with the biggest club in Lyon, Le Petit Salon, we have a residency every two months here, and some one off nights in other clubs in town.

You spoke about Patrick Topping, Dale Howard, I booked them 4 years ago in DV1 club. That club is closed now, it was perfect in the downtown, around 300 people, warm atmosphere, nice and filthy.

Last Saturday I promoted a party with ANNA in Le Petit Salon with XLR Events, we were sold out at 1300 people. So it’s very different you know. Both kinds of club are cool. At Le Petit Salon, there is a high quality sound & light installation. We are lucky to have a club like that in Lyon, and really proud to promote shows here in perfect conditions. All the guests are stunned when they arrive in the club. So if you want, and if you are in Lyon, just text me for guest list, you can buy me a drink in exchange.

And how about Abstraal, your production duo?

Abstraal was born 8 month ago. I run it with a closed friend of me, Castelz, who works on XLR with me. Tutti & Castelz are local projects assimilated to XLR because we are the resident DJ’s of XLR.

Abstraal is not XLR. We are not playing every week in Lyon. With Abstraal we are looking for the big labels to sign our melodic, progressive and ethnic techno music.

We work & hope to have international projects with other artists, labels, an agency. Actually we have a radio show residency on Data Transmission called Based On Real Facts. On this one, we invite one guest every month to do a mixtape for us.

I think and hope that our music and our communication are more mature now. Abstraal is the union of two characters to create a duo, with its own story and universe. As we said, Abstraal is based on real facts. The Abstract project was born from the elastic union of astral scientists in a secret lab based in Baïkonour.

Our next EP wil be out on Natura Viva including a remix from Rafael Cerato, Danito & Athina. It will be supported by Mia Mendi and others.

It’s been great to find a moment to chat about what you’re up to, lastly, tell us one event or festival you’re looking forward to the most?

Many thanks to you for inviting me for the interview. I’m thrilled when summer is coming because we are going on holiday for a few days in ibiza. Last October we went to ADE, it was the first time for us and very good. It’s perfect to meet artists, promoters, club owners, agencies. Everybody who works in electronic music needs to be there.

For next summer we confirmed four bookings for Abstraal on different festivals in France, so I’m looking forward to that!