Interview: Fede Lng

House talent Fede Lng has taken a completely authentic approach to releasing music, staying clear of any commercial desire or obvious need for attention.

His Axe On Wax imprint has brought music from Lawrence Guy, Baltra, Mall Grab and others, and in recent years we have seen him add two new sister labels, Axe Trax and PNP.

We spoke to the London-based creator about his brand new Flight Mode EP, his journey so far, what might be coming on the label and his approach to planning for a guest mix. Read the full discussion below.

Fede, how’s things? It’s been a while!

Hey guys, yeah, all good here thanks for having me!

Your recent Flight Mode EP, tell us about the tracks? How did they come together in the studio?

I made one of the originals (Lyra) in a studio I used to rent in Homerton here in London – and the other track (Flight Mode) is a collaboration with my friend Mojeaux, we finished that track in one day in his Miami studio. Both tracks are quite relaxed and dreamy compared to my usual output, I wanted to try out something less clubby for this EP. Tried to let the synths take over the drum machines.

And the release includes edits from Yu Su and Ciel, how did you go about choosing who would deliver remixes on this one?

I met YU SU in London some time back and we got along well and I really loved her EP on P.P.U Rec (big fan of that label over here!) so I asked her to give it a go with a remix.

Cindy (Ciel) was another artist I wanted to have on the label for some time so I thought since they are friends and both Canada based, it would be cool to have them both on the same EP.

You’ve been killing it with Axe On Wax this year, with Florian Kupfer, Baltra, Lawrence Guy and more releasing tracks, what’s your vision for the label? Do you have any ‘rules’ when it comes to signing tracks etc.?

Well don’t have a vision tbh, I just release what I like.

And what’s to come on the label in the coming months?

Up next there’s PNP 004 and a split EP between Zopelar (half of My Girlfriend) & Brothermatino on Axe Traxx. I’m finishing an EP and one of the tracks comes with a Byron The Aquarious remix!

How about your own music? Will you be releasing on any other labels?

Still unsure what I’ll do with that for now tho. I wouldn’t mind releasing on other labels as well. Even tho I tend to keep my favourite own stuff for my labels.

You’re pretty active with guest mixes and DJ sets, what’s your process for preparing a tracklist?

Usually when I have to do a mixtape I try to play some forthcoming/unreleased material from myself and the label and friends. I’m actually doing a guest mix for NTS today and it will be packed with unreleased stuff.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals or superstitions?

I like to arrive at the club maybe 1-2 hours before my set to check out the vibes. Some weed after the gig always helps.

Thanks for taking some time to chat, before we go, tell us your dream collaboration?

I’d love to work on something one day with L.A’s finest Delroy Edwards!

Fede Lng’s Flight Mode EP is out now on Axe On Wax.