Interview: Juany Bravo

Juany Bravo might be one of the most exciting exports amongst Bangkok’s house music scene, this year found him release with Toolroom Records and Shanghaied Records, and really take a big step up as a producer.

Besides being an artist himself, Bravo is also a writer for the Music Is 4 Lovers brand and has done a superb job to position himself as a major prospect in his home country.

We spoke to Juany about this years success, what’s coming in 2019 and his studio process among other things.

Hello Mr. Juany Bravo, how are things, doing well? Looking forward to the holidays?

I’m very well, thanks so much for having me! Yes, I’m most definitely looking forward to the holidays, as I have some nice shows lined up. Going to be playing the infamous Jungle Experience Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand, which is one of the region’s best underground-house festivals. It’s basically a huge rave in the Thai jungle, on one of the most beautiful islands in the country. After that I am heading to Koh Phi Phi for a pool party on the 28th, then playing NYE in Phuket, before heading off for some holiday rest.

Let’s talk about your recent releases, you just put tunes out on Toolroom, Shanghaied and In The Loop, it must feel good to have a consistent stream of music coming out?

2018 was a very solid year for me release wise. I was able to tick off some bucket-list labels (Dopewax, Stealth, Toolroom), and the support all around was tremendous. So yes, it’s definitely a good feeling to keep a constant stream of music out.

And what’s your typical process when working on a track and getting it on a label, do you go into the studio with a label in mind before hand?

I don’t necessarily go into the studio with any certain labels in mind, per se, but rather an idea. Usually those ideas always start out centered on a Latin sample, or a percussion groove that I built. As the track begins to take form, then I start to think, “oh this could possibly fit this label, or that label”. As an artist I think you have to balance making music to fit whatever label you’re trying to get on, and also making sure you don’t lose your own touch in the process of doing that.

What about the coming months, what releases do you have in the works?

I have a single coming out on Krafted Underground’s DTLA VA in December, as well as a few free DLs of some of my own remixes/bootlegs I’ve been hammering in my sets. One of which is ATB’s ‘9PM’, so be on the lookout for that one in the coming months. I also have a few projects with my good friend Thomas Garcia that will be out next year, but I have to keep those on the hush for now.

And 2019 seems to be starting off well for you, with shows on the same bills as Sven Vath and Charlotte de Witte, are you excited for those?

Legit can’t wait for either of those. I had the chance to warm up for Sven this past year at Illuzion Phuket, and it’s probably one of my favorite clubs in the world. The place is massive, and the vibe there is always on point. As far as the festival with Charlotte de Witte and Eskuche, that’s also going to be a killer one. The folks at Kolour are the go-to people when it comes to house and techno events in Thailand, so I’m very honored to have been asked to play this event alongside these huge names.

You also do a little behind the scenes work with Music Is 4 Lovers, tell us about that, and how it influences you as an artist?

Correct, I’ve been writing/working with MI4L for almost four years, and now I’m one of the Senior Editors! Honestly, I would not have been able to meet and connect with some of the artists that have played/signed my music if it wasn’t for MI4L. I have so much love for the rest of our crew, and especially for Dadon and Jimbo for giving me a chance to join the family. It’s opened up so many doors for me, and has exposed me to an array of incredible music. One of the biggest perks of helping with all the premieres on the blog is I get to road test all these amazing releases way before most people have them!

And give us one simple, yet important, piece of advice you would give to anyone just starting out as a producer, DJ, etc?

If being a DJ/producer is really something you’re passionate about, and it’s something you want with all your heart, don’t let anyone or anything tell you that you can’t do it. Put in the hours, put in the work, make the sacrifices, trust the process, and in time you’ll get to where you want to be. Oh, and also, don’t be a dickhead haha.

And lastly, which album did you enjoy most in 2018? And do you want to add anything before we go?

Honestly, this might come as a surprise to most, but I’m still a emo, goth kid at heart. My fave album this year was Marilyn Manson’s ‘Heaven Upside Down’.