We spoke to Luca Olivotto about his forthcoming debut album 'Keep On'

Italian native, now Berlin based, Endless Music boss Luca Olivotto has built a quality catalogue of music from the likes of ENØS, Jepe, GNTN and Yulia Niko.

Olivotto returns to the label next month with another original EP from himself, as he also prepares for the release of his debut album, expected to come early in 2019.

We spoke to the label head about the impending album, the new EP and what else might come next year.

Thanks for taking some time out to chat Luca, how are things in Berlin at the moment?

Good thanks! Berlin is a fantastic city with a lot of sides! This is why it’s very inspiring here and was the reason for the birth of my debut long player.

You have an EP coming out next month on your own label Endless Music, tell us about the tracks on there?

It’s a little two track EP inspired a lot by the 80’s. The main tune ‘Always There’ is already available on Spotify. The whole package is something really melodic but not cheesy at the same time. I feel these kind of tracks fit exactly to that kind of floor that I like here in Berlin!

And we hear you’re also preparing an album to come out in 2019?

Yes my album ‘Keep On’ will appear January 7th on Endless Music. The 11-track package is produced mainly with a Korg Prologue and a TR-08 and carries from subtle nostalgia to a fresh contemporary snap. A huge remix EP will follow up later next year.

How did you approach the concept of an album, compared to a regular EP?

I think that an album can tell a longer story than an EP! In this case, in my coming release I’m going to tell the story of 2018.

And how about remixes, will we see any, if so, who from?

Yes as I said the remix EP will coming soon. Later next year. Two of the remixers on board are Yulia Niko and Francesco Mami. The package should have six remixes in total.

Tell us about your gigs during the next couple of months, where can we find you playing?

We are planning gigs outside Europe. As well Ukraine and China.

It’s been great to catch up, anything you want to mention before we go?

I’m working on new releases for 2019. One of them, a little more techno and dark will appear in February. Was great to catch up with you guys to!