Interview: Weska

One of Canada’s premier club music talents drops another gem of a release as Toronto-based artist Weska marks his third outing on Insomniac Inc’s Factory 93 imprint.

Releasing his latest single ‘Depot’ – Weska adds to a catalogue of music which also includes previous appearances with record labels such as Drumcode and Bedrock Records.

We recently got to ask him a couple of questions, where we spoke about the new release, what he looks for in a potential label partnership, and what he’s looking forward to in 2024. Read the full interview with Weska below.

Hi Weska! How has 2024 been for you so far?

Hey! 2024 has been great thus far. I had a nasty bug at the end of 2023 and over NYE, but since the second week of January I’ve done nothing but make music. So I can’t complain. I’m really excited about this year.

You’ve just released your latest single ‘Depot’ on Factory 93, talk us through the track in your own words?

I often find it difficult to describe how I made tracks, as I get in a flow state, and whatever happens, happens. I found a vocal that I pitched down and chopped up and that’s what kicked off ‘Depot’ initially. The track needed something uplifting that complimented the groove and vocal, that could slowly build and that’s how the chords came to be. And what’s a techno track these days without a Reese bass on the drop? As the track progressed, it reminded me of how music sounded reverberating through the Depot venue in Manchester where The Warehouse Project takes place. I had the chance to play there in 2022 for the Drumcode showcase with Oscar L and writing this track took me right back.

What synths and plugins did you use to make the track?

There is a handful of stock Logic Pro plugins in all my tracks, I love them. I used the VocalTransformer, the stock Channel EQ on every channel, and I love using the Overdrive distortion unit, it’s one of my favourite Logic plugins. One of the pad layers for the breakdown chords was created with a Logic Retrosynth preset (I love that thing) and I’ve got a chord stack with GForce impOSCar2 layered underneath. I love using Kush Omega N (shout out Wehbba) as well as the classic FabFilter Saturn on synths and drums, or anything really. The Reese bass and plucks were made with Xfer Serum, my go-to synth. I’ve also got Blackbox HG-2, SIR Standard Clip and Izotope Ozone Maximizer wherever necessary.

You’ve also released on Drumcode, Bedrock Records, and Strange Idols in the past, what determines which record labels you reach out to with new productions?

I love writing all sorts of music, from peak-time techno to more deeper melodic and progressive so it depends on how the track turns out. I’ll also save a few tracks to self-release in between my other releases. I was so stoked when John signed 3 of the deeper melodic and breaks tracks last fall, that was a dream come true. To be honest, all the labels I’ve released with are a dream come true.

And which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

I have a release due out next month with Eli Brown’s Arcane label, I’m really pumped for that one. There’s also a special remix coming out just before summer on an awesome label that I cannot wait to see the light of day.

What are you excited about in 2024? Both personally and professionally?

I’m excited to continue learning, experimenting, and progressing in all areas of my life. I’m really focusing on sound design, creativity, and health, both physically and mentally. I’m grateful for the amazing team I have behind me and the people in my inner circle. I couldn’t do it without you. I also can’t wait to surf in some sunshine whenever possible, this Toronto winter gloom is getting to me.

Anything else you want to mention before we go?

Clip your busses, stay hydrated, stop and smell the roses, and remember to treat your mental health like your physical health.

Weska – Depot is out now on Factory 93.