Wolf Story talk about their remix for Kerri Chandler and one million Spotify streams

There are a very limited number of emerging artists who you can really tell want to ‘make it’, the kind of talent that is actually a combination of hard work, persistence, smart networking and respect to their craft. Miami-Parisian duo Wolf Story definitely fall into this finite category of creatives.

Their music has landed on KMS Records, Nervous Records, Erase Records, Simma Black and King Street Sounds, as well as a bunch of other highly impressive labels, due to their infectious and truly authentic style that sits somewhere between deep house and tech house.

The pair are now on a run of huge remixes, having delivered edits for Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer and more, we spoke to them about the edits as well as the amazing support they are getting from Spotify and what’s coming up in the future.

Hello Wolf Story, thanks for talking to us! How are things going for you guys at the moment?

Things are great, we never had as much support from the big players in the industry so we are quite happy at the moment.

You recently dropped a remix for house legend Kerri Chandler’s Keep Me Inside, tell us how it felt to receive that request?

To be honest we actually reached out to King Street, that classic ‘Keep Me Inside’ was our all time favorite and we simply chanced it and they said yes. Since then they offered for us to remix Dennis Ferrer, that was a nice day when we received the request in our inbox.

And was there any anxiety about remixing such an iconic producer?

In theory we should work on a big artist remix the same way as an unknown one but in practice there is that notion that this is our chance and we can’t allow ourselves to fail. Most important is to have a chance. There was a little bit of a challenge since Kerri could not deliver the parts, as a result we did a remix from the wav file, how about that?

You also have a remix for Dennis Ferrer coming out next month who is another massive name, maybe this is a sign of a long and healthy remix career?

We also did a remix for Peppe Citarella released on Nervous records which was licensed later by Defected on their Defected Ibiza Compilation and another one for Dantiez Saunderson called ‘The Harp’, played by Danny Howard on BBC Radio 1, which was out yesterday. So yes, this year is a remix festival, our last one for 2018 will be for our dear friend Nihil Young and perhaps after that will be about time to make original music again.

As a duo, you guys come from pretty separate worlds in Miami and Paris, how did you end up meeting?

Steve originally comes from Lima, Peru and Rico comes from Paris. We both met in Miami thanks to a friend called Andy Slate, he thought we could pair up for production and then we ended up Djing a lot together in Miami and Fort Lauderdale where we had our weekly at Stache every Saturday. We both would think Miami was the place to take off but for us it was Fort Lauderdale instead, it lasted for about a year, the manager of the venue, Julien had extensive experience in the nightlife industry so it was great working with him.

How do you feel your backgrounds compliment each other, do you feel your early musical tastes coming through when working on a track?

At first Steve was more obsessed with the groove and Rico more about the melody but over years things change. Our taste is different since we are two different individuals, still it’s quite funny how one of us would show a song and be like this is the vibe I like right now, get completely rejected by the other one and three months later the latter comes back and says “oh you were right, this vibe is great”. At the moment Afro-House is what we’re aiming for.

On Spotify, you have a couple of tracks with several hundred thousand plays, and one over the one million mark, it must be a nice feeling to see that kind of feedback on your original productions?

The Dance music curator for Spotify reached out to us on facebook via our wolfstorymusic page and asked us for a press picture in order to be the featured artist on his Housewerk playlist, I jumped out of my chair when he was chatting to me. He’s been very instrumental in our growth, luckily I had a chance to meet him last week at ADE, so I could thank him in person for constantly playlisting our songs.

Thanks a lot for taking some time out of your schedules to let us know what you’re up to, before we finish up, what is the #1 thing on your Christmas list?

I moved to Paris recently and I have that big wall dedicated to a new projector, I have a big white empty wall, just missing the projector that goes with it.