Yamaha announce new MODX keyboard synth

Japanese instrument maker Yamaha are returning with yet another product release, this time in the form of a new range of keyboard synths called the MODX, a more affordable option to the companies Montage workstation which retails for around €3,000.

The synth combines two bespoke technologies, Advanced Wave Memory and FM-X, together allowing for realistic instrument production and 64 voices of polyphony among other features.

Also included in the unit is an onboard audio interface, offering 2 ins and 10 outs via USB, and internal audio effects such as beat repeat, bit crusher and an analog delay.

The MODX range will include three different models. The MODX6 features 49 keys at €1,399, the MODX7 features 76 keys at €1,599 and the MODX8 features 88 keys at €1,849.

Check out Yamaha’s MODX introduction video below.