You can now buy an 808 inspired beer

The 1980’s brought us many nice things, the first graphical user interface on a personal computer, John DeLoreans infamous car and of course, Roland’s TR-808 drum machine.

Since then the robust piece of studio gear has had many imitations, inspired the design of trainers at PUMA and more, though it’s the most recent product which will likely grab the attention of most, an 808-themed craft beer.

Produced as a collaboration between Origin Workshop, Mondo Brewing Company, Devilcraft and Melvin Brewing, the “American IPA with a Japanese kick” brings an alcohol level of 7%, a good few points higher than your average pint.

Described as having “tropical, citrus aromas, mikan orange peel and flavours from the generous rise of Citra and Amarillo hops”, ‘BR-808’ first released on August 8th, otherwise known 808 day., coming in the expected black and orange can, it even has a promo video featuring A Guy Called Gerald (which you can watch below).

Get more info on how to buy ‘BR-808’ here.