You can stream 15 unreleased Clark tracks on his latest mix

UK artist Chris Clark has been on the edge of technology driven electronic music for quite some time, never bending his creative input to what the broad population have considered cool, and it’s allowed him to release nine studio albums and become a long term name on the Warp Records roster.

He has recently launched his very own imprint, Throttle Records, with a double A-sided single from himself titled E.C.S.T. T.R.A.X.. The EP also comes at the same time as his NTS Radio show, and a new mixtape for Dummy Mag, which features 15 brand new and previously unreleased Clark tracks for us to enjoy.

Clark told Dummy “I loved the first 23 mins of music of this mix, but then I started shitting it – I had no idea what to do. But literally on the last day of deadline I plugged in some hardware, drum machines and synths/fx pedals, hit record and had a right good bloody fun slab” Adding “I’ve basically just gone and given you ALL a load of unreleased tracks of mine in the form of mixtape. Plus some favourite tunes of other artists I like.”

Whether another EP or long player will come from the new work will need to be decided by Clark, and for now you can check out the tracklist and mixtape below.

Mix Tracklist:
01. Clark – Wedding
02. Clark – Kottke Chimes
03. Clark – Jagged Elaine Rellik Acid
04. Clark – Aftermath Temp Bulk Ver3
05. Clark – Forebode Knocker (from Kiri)
06. Le Mystère de Voix Bulgares – The Bleating Lamb
07. Clark – Great Riff Shit Timing
08. Clark – Cold Swufca Rise
09. Clark – Cleaned Plate
10. Clark – Dxead Shark Eyes
11. Clark – Improv Rytm
12. Clark – Improv Untitled
13. Robin Fox – FBI
14. Clark – Improv Mumble Funk
15. Laurel Halo – Moontalk
16. Clark – Kron Slop Delish
17. Clark – Custard Snatcher / Wu Tang
18. Clark – Drum Kit / Fun Slab Hoover
19. Kool Keith & Kutmasta Kurt – The Legendary
20. Mika Vainio – Mutant Midnight
21. Mika Vainio – It’s a Muthang
22. Clark – Corroded Hymnal Forwards Version
23. Clark – Corroded Hymnal