Interview: AND.ID

Greek-born DJ and producer AND.ID has made a stellar impact on the international club scene, with his productions having appeared on imprints like Mobilee, Culprit and Selador

Recently he debuted on Audiojack’s Gruuv with his 4-track Player EP, which combines a trio of original tracks with a solid remix from Argy.

We spoke to AND.ID about the new release, which others labels we might see him on soon, and how COVID-19 is affecting his life as a DJ.

You just debuted on Audiojack’s Gruuv imprint with your brand new Player EP, how would you describe the original tracks in your own words?

Basic Channel releases are the main influences for the opening track of the new EP, using the chords and arranging the sounds to have a club approach with that dub sound in mind. Apollo 20 is a rolling and energetic track that can be used by DJs under various circumstances.

Following in the steps of my previously released track Erotica, Smokes drives in the same direction, a smooth drum groove with a big analogue synth sound that creates contrasting moods also with dub references. I also wanted to have more material on the same vibe in my live set by recording different variations of that particular synth sound, and this lead line made it into Smokes.

And it also includes a remix from industry veteran Argy, how did you react upon first hearing his edit?

I am close friends with Argy and we swap musical ideas daily. When I sent him the track he immediately caught the vibe. He added a few extra key elements and vocals and sent it back to me. With no rush, he made this incredible dance floor ready version that has received some massive feedback.

Mobilee, Selador and Soft Computing are amongst the other labels in your catalogue, can you give us any info on what labels you might be releasing with soon?

I have a lot of unreleased music that I would like to make available so that each piece can find its true audience. I think the most direct way to do this is to launch my own imprint and release music when I feel that is the right time to do so.

And one label you hope to release with in the future?

DJ Koze and Pampa records.

The music industry is of course struggling right now due to COVID-19, how have you been keeping yourself busy in isolation?

I am definitely enjoying the time I am spending with my family and working on a few new projects. I’ve been influenced by Japanese music and Greek mythology, and I’ve just finished mastering an electronic/ambient album that will come out later this year under an alias.

I’ve also been working on the upgraded version of my audio-visual live show and finishing the album too.

And alongside this, I’m also running a studio and a coaching program for young producers called THEMA with my team during the lockdown. We work from home and develop online services and experiment with new ways of presenting live music and the arts using existing technology. You can find more info on this here.

And what is one thing you’re looking forward to when things return to normal?

I am looking forward to seeing what the new ‘normal’ will be. I would like to be able to perform again in clubs, if that is going to be possible, but to also introduce my side projects in different venues where social distancing would be easier to achieve, at least for the next couple of months.

You’re Greek, what are your thoughts on the club scene in your home country? And how do you think it compares to hotpots such as Germany or Spain?

I have been living both in Greece and Germany over the past few years and having experienced venues as a performer also as a part of the audience, and I have to say that all 3 scenes/cultures you mention above are very different. Berlin’s club scene is strong and vibrant all year long.

In Greece the club scene is developing with a few underground clubs, but Greek pop and folk music are very popular among young people and that makes it hard for electronic music venues. The scene is rather small but still strong via the network of independent promoters and DJs that run their parties regularly.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to chat to us, before we go, can you give us one producer that you think is going to have a big impact in 2020?

My talented friend Echonomist is doing a great job so far!