ROTW: Jayda G - Guy

Jayda G, the Grammy-nominated Canadian artist who now calls London home, continues to make waves with the release of her highly impressive second album, ‘Guy’. Following the success of her debut long player, ‘Significant Changes’, which was also released through the esteemed Ninja Tune imprint, Jayda showcases her undeniable talent once more. With a background that includes remixing the likes of Dua Lipa and curating a DJ Kicks compilation, Jayda G has firmly

ROTW: Jayda G - Guy

established herself as an influential producer within the electronic music sphere. The album derives its title from her surname, reflecting a personal touch which permeates throughout the album. Spanning 13 tracks and clocking in around the 36 minute mark, the record wastes no time in capturing your attention. Following an opening intro which features a recording of Jayda’s late father, the album instantly sets the tone with punchy drum hits, vibrant synth melodies, and filtered basslines which combine for an infectious energy that touches on house, disco, and electronic. One standout aspect of ‘Guy’ is Jayda’s integration of her own harmonising vocal work. Using her voice to add an extra layer of melody to the tracks, she creates a soundscape that feels deeply personal and emotive. Her collaboration with Ninja Tune further reinforces her talents as an artist, as she follows in the footsteps of acclaimed acts such as Bonobo, Tycho, and Bicep.

Where to start:
Blue Lights: Warm percussive rhythms and colourful melodies
Scars: Uplifting vocals meet filtered synth basslines
Circle Back Around: Dense low end and punchy drum hits

Previous from Jayda G:
Significant Changes LP (2019, Ninja Tune)
Jaydaisms EP (2018, JMG Recordings)

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Jayda G – Guy LP is out now on Ninja Tune.