ROTW: Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song

Originally delaying the release to support record stores affected by the global pandemic, Welsh artist Kelly Lee Owens’ has finally released her second studio album, Inner Song. Arriving comes via Norwegian imprint Smalltown Supersound, the same label that put out her debut self-titled album and has previously worked with artists like Matt Karmil and Lindstrøm, the record offers 10 new tracks, one of which features contributions from Welsh recording artist John Cale. As a whole, it brings

ROTW: Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song

a moody, yet energetic album that touches on everything from pop, progressive, techno and indietronic, with plenty of robust and eagerly paced drum rhythms as well as sometimes cold, sometimes vibrant vocals from Kelly herself. It’s a welcomed addition to the 2020 album release calendar and one that definitely stands out in a year when we have seen new long players from heavyweights such as Cubicolor, Four Tet, Marco Faraone, Howling and Ellen Allien. It has also seen a widely positive reception, receiving praise from both Pitchfork and The Guardian.

Where to start:
‘Re-Wild’ – Chilling vocals sit atop massive low end roars
‘Night’ – Electrifying synth textures and timid vocal chants
‘Flow’ – Strong drum and percussive rhythms dominate heavily

Previous from Kelly Lee Owens:
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Kelly Lee Owens’ Inner Song LP is out now on Smalltown Supersound.