Interview: Merimell

One of the most exciting prospects to come out of Estonia’s growing techno scene, Merimell has seen her music drop on labels like Killekill, Frequenza, and Desolat.

The most recent release to come out of her North European studio arrives on Rudosa’s Moments In Time imprint, as part of their new VA compilation album, which also features Alt8,, and Skoden.

We recently spoke to her to ask about the new track, which labels she hopes to work with in the future, her work with radio and events brand Machine Nation, and more. Get the full discussion with Merimell below.

So, how are things in the life of Merimell right now?

Currently sitting in the studio, trying to make bangers in 30 degrees heat, which is not that common in Estonia. Sounds like a good excuse to procrastinate though. I’ve had a long break from producing since I was focusing on finishing other projects like filming a music video, organising events, and finishing music school.

I feel that they took so much energy that when I would need to sit down in silence to create something new, my thoughts will go to everything regarding those other projects. My summer goal is to turn off my phone and just make bunch of new tracks without any influence.

You recently released your track ‘Breatharian’ on Moments In Time, how would you describe the track in your own words?

I find it to be very high energy and full of power. Those shouting male vocals give me such a boost of confidence, like I could conquer everything without any fear. There are also some melancholic pads hidden in the middle of the track which is always a great combination with such a strong beat.

It comes on their latest VA album, which also features Alt8,, and label boss Rudosa, do you have a favourite track from the album?

I think everyone has done an amazing job pulling through with the energy but currently my most played is KEYO – Tactical Progression. It’s all about the drop and I love his bassline variatons on this one. An extra point goes to that mysterious pad at the end.

And will we see you release an original EP on Moments In Time down the line?

It’s definitely one of my goals but I know it will be a challenge. Luckily the label owner Mark, aka. Rudosa, is such a nice guy and always gives me tips and helps when he can. I think we could use more people that will guide newcomers like that in the scene.

How about other labels, where might we see your music in the near future?

I have a long list of labels which I dream to be on like Monnom Black, RAW, Possession, and R Label Group. But they all have a bit of a similar style in being a place where I could present my hardest dancefloor killers. But I also want to challenge myself to make something completely different and simpler, so my other list includes labels like Ninja Tune, Rekids, Mama Told Ya, and Trip.

You’ve previously released music on Ismus, Killekill, and Desolat, what do you look for in a potential label partnership?

When I’m looking for a label it’s the one I listen to most and have a lot of respect for the artists involved. I also really need the support from the label as well so they would help the release to be more recognised and make an effort to push it promo wise.

When I first started, I gave my music to random labels who didn’t even make a single post about the release. It was really anti-climatic and the music wasn’t going anywhere. I want my releases to be more than just an mp3 file on the internet. That’s why I recently made a music video for Breatharian and organised livestreams and release parties around it. This will all give it more meaning.

You’re affiliated with the radio show and event series Machine Nation out in Estonia, how have you found your time working with those guys?

I’ve been working in Raadio 2 for about 6 years now and it’s been a fun learning experience. It’s an actual radio station which mostly plays more mainstream and pop music, but they gave the night time slots for the electronic music scene which is really cool.

Actually, I had the event series first so when I met the program manager they already knew who I was and asked me to join. The event series started about 10 years ago when there were pretty much no techno events happening where I lived. I remember when I started, and people didn’t know what style of music it was. Luckily now the scene has been growing a lot and techno events aren’t that uncommon anymore.

I would say Machine Nation differs in its sound since it’s harder sounding than others in town. I really believe in our resident DJ’s and have loved their sound since day one. If you ever come to Tallinn I recommend you check HALL, 9/11, Helitehas, Studio, and hit me up for those nonstop underground raves.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, is there anything else you want to plug before we wrap things up?

Be on the look out for the Breatharian music video! I’m really excited on how it will turn out in the edit since we just finished filming. Shout out to all the team and venues who helped me make it happen.

Merimell – Breatharian is out now on Moments In Time.