Inflyte Radar: Nathan Aizon

Nathan Alzon added another impressive record label to his music catalogue this month as he debuted on wAFF’s Nature imprint with his new ‘Midtown Madness’ EP, which is the labels fourth official release.

Previously the Amsterdam-based DJ & producer has made appearances on the likes of NO ART, Deeperfect, and Tamango Records, and Nature adds another excellent sound to his arsenal.

We spoke to Nathan recently, where we got to ask him all about the new EP, his thoughts on Archie Hamilton’s remix for the release, and his time spent living in Amsterdam. Read the full interview below.

Hi Nathan, you’re on our Inflyte Radar this month, tell everyone what you have been up to recently?

Thanks for having me on Inflyte! I’ve been quite busy the last few months, splitting most of my time between working and producing. I’m currently working on finishing a few projects that l’m excited to share with everyone across the rest of the year.

You just put your new ‘Midtown Madness’ EP out on WAFF’s Nature imprint, how did you come to sign the three originals with those guys?

wAFF initially messaged me after my No Art release and showed a lot of love for my music. He mentioned that he was starting a new label soon and asked if I was keen to send some music over. I was happy to hop on board and sent him some tunes, and from there he picked the three originals that are featured on the EP now.

How would you describe the three tracks in your own words?

I would say energetic and characteristic. All three tracks have their own personality and moment that they fit. ‘Midtown Madness’ is more of a peak-time big room track, ‘Nairobi’ has more soul to it with the chords, and ‘Bikini Bottom’ has that goofiness to it that brings a bit of smile to a set.

It also includes an excellent remix from Archie Hamilton, what was your initial reaction to hearing his version?

When I first heard it, I thought, ‘Archie did it again’. It’s got a really energetic bassline that caught my attention straight away. I was really happy with the result.

You’ve also released music on No Art, Deeperfect, and Tamango Records in the past, what do you typically look for in a potential label partnership?

I feel like my music has a pretty unique sound to it, and when looking for labels, I always like to go for labels that believe in the sound I make and are able to help me showcase it to the world.

And which other labels might we see you release with in the near future?

That is something I currently can’t disclose, but I can guarantee they’re going to be exciting ones. Can’t ruin the surprise just yet!

You’re from Taiwan but now live in Amsterdam, how have you found living in the Dutch capital?

It’s amazing, I used to live here before, and I always felt at home here. I really feel like I’ve learned a lot in the short time I’ve been back. Amsterdam has a really nice balance of nightlife and calmness to it as well, which I really value. But shout out to Taiwan, it’s definitely a place everyone should go to at least once!

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Thank you to everyone for the support you’ve given my music so far, there’s a lot more coming your way, and I’m excited to share it with you all.

Nathan Alzon – Midtown Madness EP is out now on Nature.