Inflyte Radar: Dysart

London based techno producer DYSART has done a more than fitting job providing a steady supply of sonic missiles, aimed firmly on the dancefloor.

Outings with Intec, Detone and Kneaded Pains have seen him reach the masses, with his new No Acid EP coming via the latter mentioned Dense & Pika owned imprint.

We spoke to him about the forthcoming release, what the 2020 might have in store, the origins of his name and more. Find the full discussion below.

Hey Dysart, you’re on our Inflyte Radar this month, did you have a good Christmas and New Year break?

Hey guys, Christmas and New Year was really great. I actually just stayed in London and enjoyed some much needed down time with close family. I have two young children who are just about old enough to really enjoy Christmas now, so it was extra special this year.

Your first release of 2020 is a three tracker on Kneaded Pains titled No Acid EP, how did this one come together in the studio?

This EP has been a bit of a slow burn to pull together, ‘Dark Metal’ was finished quite some time ago, but we’ve been waiting for the right addition to the EP which as you say is ‘No Acid’. This one (as many tracks do these days) started with an idea created on the laptop, which was then developed fully once I got into the studio. Once in the studio it came together pretty quickly.

And it’s definitely not your first appearance on the Dense & Pika owned imprint, how has your relationship with the guys developed over time?

It’s not, I think it’s EP No.4 now. I love the fact that there’s a developing relationship with DYSART material and the label. The boys have been great at pushing my creative boundaries with the music I send in. It really helps keep the originality in the sound I’m creating. There’s so much music out there which sounds very similar, it’s really important for the label and myself that we can maintain that uniqueness in the music that’s released.

Other labels in your catalogue include Intec and Detone, are there any labels you hope to add to the list this year?

I’ve always had a desire to release on Soma – even from way way back – that hasn’t gone away. Also, I like the idea of joining a fledgling label and developing with the label over time (as has happened with Kneaded Pains) so Charlotte De Witte’s new label KNTXT would be great. There are already a couple of new labels for 2020 but I can’t reveal anything on that just yet.

And what other goals do you have for the 2020 year?

Get fitter, take more holidays with the family etc. – we would really love to explore Costa Rica! I want to play more gigs, and make sure I get back to Burning Man this year as I’ve had the last three years off.

You’re London based, but Dysart is a town in Scotland, a simple coincidence or is there a story there?

A few people have asked about this, it isn’t anything to do with that. There’s actually a road near my studio in Shoreditch called Dysart Street, and that’s where the name came from.

You also own a commercial studio that has catered to some of dance music’s elite, what kind of influence has that had on your music?

It actually hasn’t had any influence on my music directly, that really comes from within me, what has been great is the connectivity and collaborative nature of lots of artists (and often their management) all being in the same place at once. People are working on different projects and genre’s, but they are all under one roof – it’s pretty cool to see the energy around the place when this happens.

Thanks a lot for taking some time to chat, we hope the new EP goes OFF! Before we go, who’s your prospect for 2020?

Well… Fraz.ier who’s remixed ‘No Acid’ on the new EP is absolutely flying at the moment, it’s hard to see a better contender for a breakthrough talent this year.

DYSART’s No Acid EP arrives on January 31st.