Interview: Reformed Society

A big step up in musical output for London based DJ and producer Reformed Society finds him make his debut with Marco Faraone and Norman Methner’s UNCAGE imprint. His six track Bend The Wave EP puts four originals alongside remix work from French talent Bambounou and, Obsolete Music Technology.

We got in touch with him to discuss the new release, his thoughts on the remixes and what else he has coming up in 2019, among other things. Find the full interview below.

Reformed Society, how are you? Thanks for finding some time to chat!

I’m good, thanks.

You’re getting ready for your debut with Marco Faraone and Norman Methners’s UNCAGE label, how did this one come to be?

Well, I noticed Marco supporting one of my tracks ‘Hope’ in 2015 and thought it might be a good idea to send him a demo. I got a positive response back from both the guys, and here we are! We’ve waited over 2 years for this release to come out but I’m super happy with the outcome, definitely worth the wait.

The EP brings six tracks in total, including remixes from Obsolete Music Technology and Bambounou, what was your reaction when those came back?

Both remixes are amazing and so different which adds to the diversity of the release. While Obsolete Music Technology uses a lot from the original, adding his signature Detroit touch to his version, Bambounou completely reinterprets ‘Headspace’ with a peak time techno tool. Couldn’t be happier with the results!

And from the originals, which track do you feel really sums up your vision for this release?

It’s hard for me to pick one to be honest as all the tracks on this release are relatively different in their approach when I made them, some taking more from Detroit, others just textures and grooves. However, there is an overlaying deep atmosphere that you can’t get away from on this release. I think that is the essence of this release. Hopefully there is something in the package for everyone to play out or listen to.

Besides this EP, what else can you tell us about that you have going on in 2019? Any excited gigs coming up?

I’ve got a new track coming out on Simone Gatto’s label OUT-ER in April. I’m also working on new material and playing with the idea of releasing music on my own. Gig wise, I’ve started a new bi-monthly night in London called PLAY. The second party is coming up on 9th March which I’m really looking forward too.

How about as a clubber yourself, do you have many plans for clubs and festivals this year?

I’m fortunate enough to live in London where there is a plethora of quality clubs and DJ’s visiting each year; and along with that some quality parties like Body Hammer, Jaded and such that keep me busy. The German nightlife is something I have yet to experience so hopefully that’s on the cards this year. I tend to prefer small intimate sweaty spaces to festivals to be honest but if I were to go to any festivals, Houghton and Freerotation are the ones I’d be keen on.

Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us, let’s wrap things up with a few words of wisdom that you’ve heard that have really stuck when it comes to your career as a producer and a DJ?

There are a couple that come to mind. Jeff Mills (might be someone else, can’t say for sure) said somewhere when asked to give advice to upcoming DJ’s/producers to make a 100 tracks and send him the 101st. If you persevere with genuine passion, something’s gotta give.

The other one is from DJ Shadow; he once said in an interview that digging for records will not make a bad DJ good but will make a good DJ better. I spend a considerable amount of time digging for records, whether it’s old or new, vinyl or digital and I would like to believe it makes me a better DJ.