ROTW: Uppermost - Digital Realism

Uppermost began dropping singles back in March of 2021, and continued to do so right through the end of the year. The French producer closed out the year with an accumulative album which gathered the aforementioned singles into one release, and it includes an impressive 26 tracks in total. As you might expect from an album that spans 26 different titles, the sound is pretty broad, covering everything from synth wave and nu disco, to lofi house and progressive. Though just like every

ROTW: Uppermost - Digital Realism

Uppermost long player to come before it, Digital Realism is tied together with that unmistakable sonic goodness that the Frenchman has been able to achieve throughout his career. In terms of features, it’s heavily decorated, with exactly half of the tracks including title credits in the form of Fuji, Obu, FA, Mesita, Ambyion, and Medium Douce. It’s highly unlikely that an album with almost 30 tracks will have you loving everything, but when’s the last time that an album with even 10 tracks had a 100% success rate? After a few listens through Digital Realism, it’s clear that the diverse nature will throw some people off for sure, though the high points here are as good as they come, wherever your aural tastebuds find them.

Where to start:
Cristal: Uplifting and dreamy synth wave album opener
Heaven: Robust drum grooves and well polished melodies
BSO: Tech-leaning house that’s perfect for the dance floor

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Uppermost – Digital Realism LP is out now on Uppwind Records.